Haqdar Hum Nhi..!

Keh to dein Bewafa , Bs Unhe Badnam krein, Hum Me Dum Nhi .., Kl tk Pyar Beintehaan tha, Aur Aaj Nafrat Kam Nhi.., Kaise Keh Dein Unhe k Pyar Khtm Ho Geya Tumahara, Mohabbat to Aaj bhi Unhe Utni Hi H, Bs Haqdar Hum Nhi ...!


Give Some Respect..!

Is It Voguish or Non Parochial Attitude Your Talk Reflects ... Talking Indecently to a Girl , What You Expect ... A Some of you Make the Society Bias... All are Not Same , All are Not Exact It's all About Little Change and not about Being Perfect.. Your Unmoral Behavior Make the Innocent Soul [...]

I’m Afeared…!

I'm afeared, I'm scared... Really I'm Not of losin' you, Not of gettin' apart But of gettin' Worthles.., Losin' Self-respect ..,,, Oh..., Uh say I'm a Drama Queen But honestly say what would you do if I act so Mean ..,, I feel like flowers crushed by Busy Feet Tastes so Bitter the Love so [...]

Nafrat Byaan Kr…!

Thk chuke Jhuthi Mohabbat se.. Bs aur Ishq nhi ab Nafrat BYAAN kr...,, Mere muqqamal hone ki fikar na rkh, bs Bewafai na mile fir Tu bs itni DUA kr... Mujhe khaas kehne vaale.. Aaj khaas se AAM kr.. O Paak Mohabbat Kehne Vaale is Rishte ko ab BENAM kr..,, Humse nhi rkh Talluk koi, [...]